For the weekend I saw my dad on Saturday morning up to 4pm. Then I saw my best friend  at 5pm on the same day for a sleepover. On Saturday evening we had KFC for some food and then we let our food go down. After a while, we decided to do just dance to keep us company because we were bored. Then it started to get a bit late and  so we got in our pjs. We sat on the sofa and we watched tv for a little while. We went to bed 🛌 because we were so tired and we said to each other “good night.”

Weekend days


On a Saturday is a chilling day in my house hold.As for I would play my favourite game Portal knights and continue my mansion I made in Portal Knights.Or my sisters would say Put it on Disney Pixar adventure.

My birthday 🥳

New hairstyle 

Last Saturday I got my hair done in my Aunt’s salon.It took quite a while because doing your hair takes time and patience.To do mine it takes 4 hours because it is so long.

Birthday dinner 

As it’s my birthday my mum and dad let me pick what I wanted for dinner.I wanted Do&co but they didn’t let me.So I went for a Chinese takeway.

Birthday list

On my birthday list I’ve got 12 thing on it.Such as a new I pad,5 dolls,new clothes and A red head band to make me look like Dolores from Encanto.

Can you guess when it’s my birthday?🧐🧐🧐

My hobbies

SportsOn a Tuesday, I go swimming after school. I’m on the last level. YAY🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳!!!! Unfortunately, there are no spaces free on that day so I have to stay in level 8😭😭.I’m excited for after Easter because then I can join Generations Academy/dance school.


Sometimes on the weekend I will play some games on my phone.These are the games I like play.

Hope you liked my blog  bye 👋

What we did in English

In English, we have been learning about continents and a continent is a thing in the world and it has countries in them.

In the world there are 7 of them called Australasia,Oceania,Europe,North America, South America, Asia and Antarctica.

We live in Europe where and some of the countries in Europe are Poland ,Germany,England,Scotland,Paris and Russia.



My Prathmic exam

At Saturday, I need to write an exam which is called Prathmic. The exam is all about one language which is Hindi. I need to write the exam  at 5:00 in the morning and there are 100 questions to answer. The exam was on 26th February 2022. In the morning, I was roaming around thinking about the exam. I finally wrote the examination and it was like a big rock has been taken  of my head. The exam result will come in 1 month. It as a big relief.

What I did at the weekend

What I did at the weekend was that I went a farm and saw lots of animals and one of the animals were a pig that looked a lot like my grandmas and  grandads dog Ron who plays like a pig and looked like one. I went with my sister and my mom and dad and we had so much fun we saw a group of fluffy alpacas and one of the alpacas were looking at me and my dad. Once we had looked at all of the animals we when round the back of the farm we saw more animals and there were donkeys,horeses and goats. There was a big bunny rabbit that went under a tree that was fallen down and played on it all the time with the other bunny’s that were there. When we were there by the bunny’s there were tow golden coloured goats there that were very friendly that liked to be scratched on there head. When it was lunch time we all had a samwige that was delicious.

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Video Games Part 1

I play like a lot of video games. Also I’m really really good at them. Since we have a Nintendo Switch and an online membership we have access to really old games and I’ve played the lot. I’ve completely finished about 14 games ish so yeah.

I’ve played games from every one of these and some played the actual consoles!

I don’t really play Xbox a lot because I don’t want to. The game I would recommend highly for Switch is The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild or botw. It’s an open world action adventure game which has a sequel coming out soon (hopefully since the first one was delayed for 4 years) A common release date is October 2022 so about 5 months. Which is great but I won’t have high hopes for a while. A game I playing now is Five Nights At Freddy’s FNAF, it is a horror game so I don’t play it a lot. But total on it I’ve played 1 hour. Some of the games are free so those are the one’s I’m playing but it’s really hard so um I stop sometimes (rage quit).I play a couple games that are over my age rating but to be fair they are completely fine or so says my parents. I don’t play games with realistic shooting or stuff like that. But I have a PC but my brother uses it all the time for his homework so I wait for my dad to finish up at 5 sometimes 5 thirty but it gives me an hour. I have gotten FNAF 2 pretty much free since there’s a really well made Roblox one that I play.

I have like £50 pocket money so I do have enough to buy any game I want so woo-hoo. If I don’t I can just save up since most the games I’m aiming for are either £49.99 or £4.99. There’s a really really good Kirby game coming out called Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I played the demo and it’s Incredible! This is the end of part one so I will be back!

Video Games Part 2

If I can I will make more of these since I really like doing this. Sometimes I don’t just play games I actually do other stuff like reading or drawing or anything else like that. I’m going to move on to game recommendations because the games I’m going to recommend are in three categories. Open world, platformer and creativity. I’m also going to level them on value for money time spent playing and gameplay.
Game number one is Five Nights At Freddy’s Six Pizzeria Simulator (FNAF 6) this game is free so no value for money stuff. The gameplay is good but very difficult when you just start. There’s eight entries to the FNAF series so this is number six. This game is closely tied together with Five Night’s At Freddy’s Eight Security Breach. Basically this place was burnt to the ground twice but still clings on barely. So you need to make a pizzeria then defend yourself from bloodthirsty animatronics from throughout the series. These can be in your pizzeria if you fail a salvage or buy something which has one hiding inside. Or you can buy one using the money you collect from each shift. So basically you own a restaurant and you have to not die in the process. This game is pretty scary so um as a wise man probably once said ‘this is not for the faint of heart!’

Another good one is a massive realease from the time of the Nintendo Switch. It costs £49.99 plus the cost of the Switch which is £249.99 if you don’t have one already. It is pretty costly but is definitely value for money if you’re like me and want to 100% it then this game will have you going for like 3 months if you play it every day. Basically you have a magic hat called Cappy he looks like this.

You have use him to travel through many places like the seaside or the cold depths of the snowy kingdom. You can buy costumes using coins or tokens unique to each area. This game is good because theres a lot to do.

My final game recommendation is my all time favourite The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild. I talked a little about this game in part 1 but it is amazing it won the world wide game awards and is the eighth most sold game in the world! I did some research for that.

What I did on the weekend

So on Friday after school I went to McDonald’s because every Friday we get McDonald’s and when my dad  was driving my family to McDonald’s, I saw Isaac because every Friday he gets McDonald’s too. After McDonald’s we had to go to Tesco to do shopping. Then when we got home, I watched Paddington 2. It was so fun. We went to go and open the popcorn and it went all over the floor.

On Saturday I went to Ramsey to my aunt’s house.