About class 9 Swimming

In swimming we had to practice breast stroke and we had to do a whole width. When we do front crawl, we swim forwards and our arms had to go up high. finally In our swimming we did back stroke which we were at the back and our hands had to go high up in the air. In the 1st session of swimming,  we had to see how good we swam so in what group we were in. 2nd session I was in group c, so the end one. At last, the final session session 6 we had 45 minutes.  On the fun swimming, there were fishes , floats and sinkers.
After 45 minutes , we got changed and when back to our amazing school.


What I did on Saturday.

What I did on Saturday

On a Saturday evening, I went to my best friend’s birthday party. We swam in the swimming pool and had so much fun. We went down the slide and splashed each other.


After swimming in the pool, we got changed and ate some charming food. We had cake 🎂, chips 🍟 and 🚿 water.

After eating, . I also gave her some presents 🎁 and said, “Hope you like 👍 them “. I greeted her and said good 😌 bye.

They messaged us and said thank you 🙏 for the lovely 🥰 💝 presents. Continue reading


If I’m honest , I’m a really great swimmer. On Tuesdays I go to a swimming class for thirty minutes then I get changed and did you know that I could do dolphin kick which is really hard to learn for a short kid like me!

Spots and games

I played a lot of games with my friends.

Some of them are: Tag, skipping, a dinosaur game, hide and seek tag, a game called Jurassic park, an element game and a fighting game.

They are extremely good when I play with my best friends and they are: Ruvan, David, Rose, Rowan, Oskar, Hollie and Kayra, Adomas, Stefan and Cara.

We have recently swimming, football and gymnastics. It has been extremely fun for me.

Even though I recently started the school we have been learning how to move in different ways.We have also been learning how  can dribble, strike goals and kick with the side of our foot. When we are doing swimming we try to stay  on top of the water and swim. I am having an amazing time at P.E and Swimming.

Someone from Bulgaria…

If you didn’t know , l’m actually Bulgarian! I came to England when I was two years old , and also about last week one of my grandmothers came for a trip to England! I’m have been told that she’s staying for one month! Unfortunately , that all I have to say for this blog and bye.

What I do on Saturday?

What do I do on Saturday?

Usually on Saturday I sometimes wake up at 8:00 in the morning. After that, I brush my teeth and I take a bath. Next I eat my breakfast. At 10:00 I pack my tennis racket and go to the tennis club. I play tennis for 1 hour. While I am playing tennis, My dad and my mum will go shopping. When I finish Tennis I come home and eat my lunch. Then at 3:00 I attend my Hindi class. After finishing the Hindi class, I play with my dad. I play Nintendo Wii with my dad. Then I study maths for at least 2 hours. Then it will be dinner time. After dinner, I watch Tv for half an hour. Then I read a book for half an hour. After reading a book, I sleep.