Swimming in year 4

Swimming is my favourite because I love to go in the water even though I’m scared of going under water I still try because I feel like I am going to drown but I am not and the Floats really help me so I can swim better. I even swam 5 meters! Isn’t that incredible to swim for that long. Not even my siblings can swim for that long .


Sonia Gomes


At swimming ,the people who worked there were really kind and really good at being a swimming teacher. They helped me with floating on top of the water and swimming and the swimming I leaned was the doggie paddle which is my favourite swim and my dad helped me learn the front stroke and the back stroke and going under water and swimming under water.🐋🦈🐋🦈


When I started swimming, I have enjoyed everything that I learned and when I had school swimming I had to learn new things and had so much fun but when it was my normal swimming I had a lot of things to learn and do such as dolphin. I really love swimming and it is so much fun.

My old schools

In my old school I had a lot of fun.It wasn’t the best but it was great.My friends were funny and nice and most of them were fair.We played a lot until it was time my mom took my brother and I out of the school and made us home school.

Our teacher was the greatest until we had to leave Trinidad and Tobago so we came to England and went to Huntingdon primary school.

Sports and games


I love to swim and go in races. I dreamt like I was in 1st place in swimming and I won a huge trophy. I use all my resilience and courage while I swim.


I gymnastics I can move in different gestures/positions with my partner. I also like gymnastics.

Playing games with my friends

I play lots and lots of games. I always play a dinosaur game with my friends. My best friends are Oskar, Vanessa, Keira, Rose, Cara, David, Hollie and
Jaden. They also play the dinosaur game with me.


I love being active. My favourite activity is swimming because you can learn and swim 5 metres. The thing about swimming is that you have to try your hardest. The thing about swimming is you never give up. People can sit in the water but other people can’t. People can get objects under the water but other people can’t. Swimming is really good for you because you can kick your legs. Make sure you have to be careful with water it might hurt you. Be careful with water and try not to get water in your eyes and wear goggles so you don’t get water in your eyes.





Swimming was really fun and my favourite part was when we learned new things and when I did the front stroke. I knew I could do it. First I was nervous because I thought I would drown but I did not. I love swimming.

My time At Swimming

My time at swimming wasn’t my favorite “sport” as you would call it. I don’t enjoy swimming as much as something like cricket or archery. Basically I like sports on land more than water. From my perspective knowing that I’m going to be doing this in year 5&6 for a half term isn’t fun.

The reason(s) I don’t like swimming.

The reason I don’t like swimming is putting my face under I just don’t like it, it feels weird and luckily for me I don’t have to. The second reason I do not like swimming is the instructors. When I went to Godmanchester swimming pool (aka First Strokes) I just hated it, when I saw my brother Jacob swimming I was anticipated and asked to join the first class I enjoyed the second it was ok third I didn’t enjoy it. One night I was getting out the pool and I hated swimming so much that I left the club. The following week maybe probably most likely.

To summarise I didn’t enjoy it.


Why Do Fencers Bend Their Swords? The History Behind the Olympic Sport

Fencing is a sport which involves  swords. You try to get somebody  on their chest. If you get them on the their chest, you would win and you will be awarded points.

In Fencing, I had to move back and forth. Unfortunately,  you can’t put your sword above your head. I hope in the future I can use a real sword. But real sword is danger because you can hurt someone. That’s way they wear special clothing. HEMA Fencing mask - 350N

The face mask looks so cool does it?

It protects your face from getting cut.

Plastic Sword Fencing - Plastic and Foam Swords and Masks

Fencing swords are flexible they can bend. They made it bending because they don’t want to hurt people to much.

Try to win the person with your fighting skill.


About my old school

My old school was called Hillyfield primary school and it was in London.  I really enjoyed it when I was in year 3 and it was amazing.  We had a name pyjama day so we were getting changed into a pyjama top and bringing in a teddy bear before lunch  so we can eat  our lunch with them. But after we didn’t write, we were colouring  in pyjamas with our own designs or we were doing to find the word fond it colour it or others I don’t remember all of them later or earlier.  I don’t remember when we were going in the library to  find a book and read it.  Of course we had our teddy bears with us and we read with them. This was all about pyjama  day! One of the songs I remember is hot cross buns. It was like this hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns, one a penny two a penny, hot cross buns.  This was the song. Our maths,English, hand writing all our books had lines except our art books as art books don’t  have lines and we didn’t had groups like grp A, B and C like in the morning.  We are all of us in one big group. We all were in our own  classroom like in the afternoon. We didn’t have afternoon on Friday we had to do activities out side. Our teachers weren’t there.  We were getting changed  in the morning because we were starting in the morning.   We’re doing jumping in hoops, rock paper scissors to win one point.  We were doing dodgeball and more but I don’t remember all of them on Wednesday pe .This was all thank you.