For the weekend I saw my dad on Saturday morning up to 4pm. Then I saw my best friend  at 5pm on the same day for a sleepover. On Saturday evening we had KFC for some food and then we let our food go down. After a while, we decided to do just dance to keep us company because we were bored. Then it started to get a bit late and  so we got in our pjs. We sat on the sofa and we watched tv for a little while. We went to bed 🛌 because we were so tired and we said to each other “good night.”


At swimming ,the people who worked there were really kind and really good at being a swimming teacher. They helped me with floating on top of the water and swimming and the swimming I leaned was the doggie paddle which is my favourite swim and my dad helped me learn the front stroke and the back stroke and going under water and swimming under water.🐋🦈🐋🦈