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Have you ever wandered how crime and punishment changed through the ages? In this text, I will be explaining all about crime and punishment from Roman times to ww2. Crime and punishments have always been a thing however the most common crime has always been theft. For the crimes you committed you would always face punishment. For example ; for consistent theft in Roman times you would be flogged (whipped).

crime and punishment in Roman times

The romans lived from 500bc to 400ad , the empire ruled most of the world. Rome became very overcrowded as they enslaved many people (and countries). The most common of all crimes were murder and theft. The punishments were flogging for theft and execution for murder. They had no police so they used the community to take care of criminals. The name of these people were vigiles they would be police , firemen and they would decide punishments.More serious crimes would lead to more serious punishments like if you kill they would kill you. Many travellers come to Rome to get richer. As a result , Rome had very dark and dangerous streets. The richer people and emperors would use poor people (vigiles) to protect everyone.

Anglo Saxon crime and punishment

During Anglo Saxon times, theft once was a fine more than once is having your hands cut off. Since they didn’t have a police force the community would bring in the criminals they would not be the people that decide the punishment. If someone stole from you you could just kill them. If no one could decide whether you were innocent or guilty you would do trial by ordeal which is when god decides if you are innocent or guilty most punishments were trial by ordeal because they were very religious. They were very cruel with there punishments because if you stole and can’t pay you would be thrown off of a cliff. The most common crime was theft.

Tudor crime and punishment

The Tudors had many ways to execute you such as beheading , hanging and many more. If you were caught drunk in public you were put in the drunkards cloak (a big barrel for beer). If women gossip they have to were the scolds bridle which will hold back your young so you don’t gossip. The most common crime was gossip. The scolds bridle is only for women as they were only punished for gossip. They believed if they punished you enough you would stop committing crimes.

Victorian crime and punishment

In Victorian times they finally got police and jail. The prison was in Australia and the whole time you were there you would be forced to do manual work. If it was a crime like theft you would pay a fine, which was 4 times the amount you stole. This was because theft was still the most common crime committed. And if you committed treason you were hung (treason means you talk bad about the king). The Victorian era lived from 1837 to 1901. The Victorians introduced the police force in 1829 and was first brought to London.

ww2 crime and punishment

Looting was the most common crime because many people had to feed there families. They did have a police force but not many people were in it. If you were caught selling on the black market you would be given a fine if you didn’t pay then you were put in prison. The number of murders increased so much and if you killed you were killed as well. At night there was no light so crime was easier to get away with it. Looting and theft was much more common due to the lights always being out and the police was always deeling  with the war and criminals.



How are mountains formed

Mountains are formed when the Earths crust (tectonic plates) pushes into each other making the mountain grow. However , they are not all exactly the same to each other. There are multiple different types of mountains , which are fold,  block, dome and volcanic,.Mountains , which are constantly eroded by the weather, are very jagged. The weather removes the rocky surface.


Plateaus are flat areas of land found in very high places. When a mountain is created parts of Earth can drop to make a higher mountain and a lower plateau. This type of mountain can often be found in places above sea level. The highest and biggest plateau is in the Himalayan mountain range. The Tibetan plateau  is 16,400 ft (5,000m) above sea levels.


Dome mountains are when the Earths crust pushes into each other and make a dome shape. Dome mountains have liquid magma which after time hardens and makes the dome shape stay. The molten rock does not erupt through the crust like a volcano. The force of the tectonic plates make this taller.


Fold mountains are the most common mountains in the world. Fold mountains are made when the Earth folds on top of the Earth. The fold mountain can be found in the Himalayan mountain range. This is the biggest mountain range and The fold mountain is the most common so it would make sense if there would be a fold mountain in the Himalayas. Humans are unsure about what the largest fold mountain is however it is in the Himalayas.


Block mountains are formed when a part of the Earth falls of and is formed as two tectonic plates pull apart or push together. Block mountains look like this. This is all you need to know about the following 4 mountains. There are pictures below.

This is a block mountain

This is a fold mountain

this is a plateau mountain


this is a dome mountain


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