What I Have Learned In Maths About Fractions Converting Into Decimals

Today in maths I found a pattern of converting all many ninths equals to the same numerator.If you had 2/9 in decimals it will be 0.22 that is the pattern what i have found it works on any one but when you get to wholes it is a bit different you see how many nines there are in the wholes and after the decimal point it will go back to the oringinal pattern Thank you for listening to this I will aprechiate all of this please comment down below

All about BIDMAS

BIDMAS is a method what every one can use and today I am going to talk through the steps

B is for brackets you always need to do the part in brackets first if you don’t have any brackets move on to the next step

I is for indices and indices mean square numbers or cube really anything with a little number on top.

D is for division super easy the best way to do it is the bus stop method

M is also very easy it means multiplication a quick way to do it is the colom method but if that is tricky just do a grid method

A is for addition and the best way to do it is in colom method as well

S is for subtraction you can also use this in colom method aswell.

If you follow these steps it will lead to success


Christmas Maths

If I had 4 lots of holly wreaths with eight leaves on , how many holly leaves will there be on twelve wreathes?


If there was  80 people coming to my christmas party , 1/4 of them were adults who does drink , another 1/4 was adults who doesn’t drink and the rest was children. How many children are there at the party?

cartoonchildren-playing  images-2-adult-not-drinking

Hope you enjoyed these By Daisy

What are Parallel lines ???

Parallel lines are where the to lines will never meet . Here is an example of  a set of parallel lines.

As you can see they will never meet .

If you any questions you want to ask come to me at school or send me a post.