Moz the monster narrative

One dark night a boy called Joe was sent to bed, he anxiously lay in his bed ( he was scared of the dark ). He had always believed that there was something lurking under his bed but he dare not look.  After a while he started to here strange noises one of which did not sound good …..   His bed started to lift , he was so brave and decided to have a look. He saw a huge furry monster with a big Orange nose the hung beneath his large gleaming eyes. Because of this monster he was up all night and had no sleep.

He got invited to a football game he was the goal keeper and let in all of the goals. While he was writing he Christmas list (he wanted a fire engine football and a dragon ) he fell asleep.Joe thought  this monster  was going to be his best friend forever (BFF) as he was really kind and thoughtful .  Every night this monster would play with Joe before bed.  This was a secret never to be told as his parents did not know about Moz the monster. 

 The monster started to realize that poor Joe was getting really tried … but he had a plan! Luckily the next day it was Christmas and what did Joe get. It was all a big  surprise know one knew what it was every one was so curious . A while later Joe came running down stairs , rushing to the living room ,where the Christmas tree stood in the corner with lots of presents under it . Joe curiously looked at a present wrapped in brown paper ….

Joe looked at his parents with a surprised look on his face and his parents shrugged their shoulders as if they were saying, I don’t know what that present is or who its from. Joe opens the present and he is so happy with his present and he goes to  bed knowing that there will be no monster because it is no longer dark. The monster only comes out when it is dark . Joe loves his starry night light and loves being in the dark at bed time.  


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