‘The Piano’ By Kinga 24.05.19

As calm as a fish, the man peacefully plays sad tunes on the piano. Suddenly, a person appears. The excitement is building up deep down in his old soul, It appears to be the mans wife. Although, soon he realises that it’s a ghost… She gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and disappears into thin air.
The man just continues playing the piano as he notices a strange hat with a crimson Red Cross on his head. The man  looks around confused as he appears behind a red brick wall with a gun in his hand. He realises that he is having a flashback about war. As he’s shooting, he hears a loud gunshot next to him. He looks to his left and sees his best friend laying on the floor with a bullet through his chest. The man says one last goodbye to his friend as he comes back from his flashback.
He’s still playing the piano as he has another flashback of his old self as a little boy getting a toy horse. The child, who is the man when he was little, plays with the gift horse then turns into a real human.
It turns out to be the mans grandson. The grandson puts down the toy horse and walks over to the man. The boy sits down. He looks at the man with joy as he stops playing. Then, he plays a note to end the song.

By Kinga

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