The piano

The man was sitting in an empty room, which was like his very blank mind. He was playing a sweet, mournful, solitude song. He was all alone just playing the piano in a dark room, it was like… Read More

The room was as dark as empty soul , a lone man played a morose melody, on his hand was a gold , shiny ring . The ring is filled with youth romance and ancient memories. Suddenly in… Read More

‘The Piano’ By Kinga 24.05.19

As calm as a fish, the man peacefully plays sad tunes on the piano. Suddenly, a person appears. The excitement is building up deep down in his old soul, It appears to be the mans wife. Although, soon… Read More


                                                                          INTRODUCTION A… Read More

5.2.2019 LC: To understand what consent means in an online world.

Nykia: Hey, is it ok if I post that photo we took today online? Billy: No, I feel uncomfortable with that photo, can we take another one please? Nykia: Sure,when can you come around again? Billy: I am… Read More

Making cheese

We made cheese in science club It was delicious we microwaved milk and then added lemon juice.we mixed till it was lumpy.   by saoirse ,Scarlett and esmè

Is lady Macbeth is guilty or innocent

Is lady Macbeth guilty for king Duncans death?

Lady Macbeth’s question has been asked  for sentarys. Some People think that lady Macbeth killed king Duncan on the other hand some think she didn’t kill king duncan.  The reasone why people think she killed king duncan was because… Read More

Is lady Macbeth guilty by Charlie

Some people think lady Macbeth is guilty because she was the marstermind behind the merder of King Duncan. This has been going on for centuries the argument is now taking place in cort Lady Macbeth is guilty because she… Read More

Is lady Macbeth guilty of playing a part in kings Ducans Murder