The room was as dark as empty soul , a lone man played a morose melody, on his hand was a gold , shiny ring . The ring is filled with youth romance and ancient memories. Suddenly in a flash of light a women who seemed to be  the mans wife appeared on a seat next to , she was a opaque as salty water , they sat and gently pressed a range of black and white keys  . Her hand lifted of the piano and strait threw the mans face she gave him a ghostly kiss and then disappeared . As the mans  face faded back into a depressed from he had a flashback of him at war .  Standing behind a old cobblestone wall the man who wore a green helmet with a  Red medical Cross on it . The cross is filled with health , death and a smear of blood , His best friend was waiting to jump out from behind the wall and fire his gun at the enemy soldiers , the old man nodded his head and his friend jumped out and fiered his gun but the enemy’s were ready and sadly the enmys gun fiered too and sadly the mans friend got shot he fell to the ground as the man ran to the dying soldier the flashback ended . As the old man continued to play the piano , which piano plays music like a humming bird , then a little boy appeared he also was opaque, he was given a glossy white gift box rapped around the box was a blue ribbon the boy opened the box and inside was a Brown oak hobby horse the boy carefully lifted it up and galloped around the isolated room and then looked up at the stars , when he started galloping again he was a normal boy in a modern clothes he droppped the toy and sat on the piano stool and played the piano with the man The End

By Iliana

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