My day out at twins lake 2017

A long time ago in April 2017 I went to twins lake.There was a water park ,a unicorn 🦄 and a theme park. I went with my cousin.First we went in the theme park it had very fun rides my favourite was the pirate ship 🚢.Then we went to see the baby unicorn 🦄 and it was soooooooo cute.Then we got to watch Moana in an outdoor cinema it was really cool 😎.Then we went in the epic water park.At the water park there was a giant bucket filled with water so every 2 minutes it tipped all over you,luckily I had a water float which you go on in the water slides it was epic! Then we got some ice cream 🍦 with my little cousin and brother for a treat.Then we had to go home 🏠.I hope I could go to twins lake again. 😁

What a lovely day out!

my blog about Christmas and New Years eve

 At Christmas 🎄 I got up realllllly early and looked in my stocking.Then me and my brother woke my mum and dad up.We got to open our presents then.We got a PS4 with fortnite,minecraft,fifa 19 and a Lego incredible game.I got a giant unicorn 🦄 squishy and I love it- also I loved me other presents 🎁.When we finished opening the presents we had a family Christmas photo.After that I played fortnite while my brother played with his new toys.A few hours later my family came round and brought us presents.My auntie and uncle gave me a EPIC arcade machine.I loved Christmas but then we went to bed at eleven o’Clock.

A good blog and it sounds like you had a great Christmas!

My birthday in the weekend

In January it was my birthday on the weekend.On Saturday that was the day before my birthday and jasmine,Niamh,Poppy and Tegan came round for a sleepover 🎉.My theme was the greatest showman.The first thing we done was played on our phones 📱.After that we played some games for a bit.A few hours later we went roller skating and it was really fun and when we were roller skating all together we crashed into each other 😂. After that we went to Frankie and bennies and had a delicious dinner. Then we went in a taxi 🚕 home and stayed up till 1am.Then it was my…BIRTHDAY!!!My family came over and I opened my presents 🎁.It was the the best day ever!!!Sadly they all had to go home but jasmine got to walk home with me.Then I went to Clair’s and brought some things.Then we had to go home and I went on my PS4.Finally it was late so we ent 


Ellie, a detailed post. Remember to add capital letters for your friends’ names and make sure each sentence is punctuated with capital letters and full stops.

My half term

In the half term I went to bounce bouncy castles 🏰.I went with Max,Maisie,Me,Riley and my mum and dad.We didn’t do mud  in the half term but I went on my phone,PS4,and IPad. In the half term I went to my mans house and done ALOT of drawing.Then the next day I went to the farm while my Nan went out.We saw sheep,cows,horses and much more.Our half term wasn’t that busy because we went to Disney land and we are going to Greece this year.On Friday and Thursday I got to spend some time with my mum and we went to WetherSpoons with my Auntie since it was her birthday 🎂.Then in the weekend we went to bounce with my friends and had a great time.I can’t wait to go back to school 🏫 and do our production.


A very busy half term. Well done writing this blog.

The amazing trip to Portugal 🇵🇹2017

When I went to my trip to Portugal I had to wake up at 4 am to get to the station.We went with my family and friends to London and it took 1 hour and then we had to get to the plain station and we were on the plain for 2 hours!Finally we were there and we first put our luggage away and buyed a new car.It was soooo exciting we went to Portugal for 11 days!We were in a villa opposite a forest.WHEN A VOLCANO ERUPTED!In our  villa we had a swimming pool and a sandpit and we saved a gecko that was trapped in a net in our garden.Our last day we went to a amazing water park! I had an amazing time at Portugal !                         🇵🇹

My half term in Disney land

On Monday 26th of October 2018 I went to Disney land and it was 1 hour in the car and then we went in a Eurostar train and went under water for 2 hours to get to Paris.Finally we were in Paris with my family and friends but we had to get our bags checked.When we had finished we were  rushing to get to the train because our place was all the way at the back.

At last we were in the train so I played on my iPad and the train took us 2 hours to get to Paris.Although we were there we had to get them checked again and give them our suitcases so then when we are in our hotel they will be in there.We went on the rides and they were soooooo cool.

One of the rides was Peter pans flight and we saw the film of Peter Pan.