My awesome relaxing half term😎

This half term has been filled with exciting things to do and enjoy . So on Sunday before we broke up  l went to the options and l got my 2 pairs of glasses 👓 and they look so amazing. Then on Monday I got to go to my grandparent’s house and got to stay there Intel Saturday at my grandparent’s house I had two days of sleep which is basically 48 hours 🛏😴😱😱.So soon it is Halloween I hope you have carved your pumpkin 🎃.

My trip to London

On the half term I had a lot of fun but going to hillsong church and visiting Wembley stadium was a blast!

On Sunday I was just getting ready to go to London when I went downstairs I got my breakfast 🥞 took a shower 🚿 got ready and we were of to the train station.When we got there I immediately jumped out of the car and rushed the train station.After we got are tickets we waited quietly for the train

While we were on the train I asked my parents for my notebook (I can not go anywhere without my notebook)then I started to draw.

When we got there first we did what we always do my parents would get me a strawberry smoothie at a juice bar called boost there smoothies are delicious 😋.

After that we went to church when we got to church when they started singing you could literally feel your heart dancing and we did a little bit of praying and a few stories.also we were there for like one hour

After that we had a nice lunch at a steak house and that food was delicious.after that we went to the station to go to Wembley Park we did a little shopping 🛍 and when it was time to go we went past Wembley stadium.when we were going to the train station we saw a giant crowd for that reason we were going home the same time the rugby 🏉 game ended and are train was packed with fans but at the end we returned safely back home.

My amazing golf day


my dad got home from work on Saturday .  He told me that we were going to go to golf at pidley.I was very exited😎😄

When we got there we had to borrow two of the golf clubs wackers. One of them was called an iron and the other was called a putter. We took the 2 player course because it was only me and my dad , we had 9 holes to complete.


On the first hole I did pretty good because it took me  4  shots to get my ball into the hole.😃. But my 4th shot was much better my high score on 4 shots came to an end. My new high score was 3 shots. For the last 3 holes me and my dad kept having a tie with 4 shots.


On the 8th hole my dad set the record of 2 shots which was our highest score but yet I still had 1 course left to get two shots or a hole in one 😱😱. 

On the last hole I had no choice but to get a hole in one or a par which is 2 shots. My luck ran out I got my least amount of shots which was 5 , luckily my dad got 3 shots which was good. It took us a hour to get home , we were tired so we had something to eat



Once we had something to eat and drink we were super hyped so we had a match of football. I knew my dad was better than me at football but I tried my hardest to beat him. I was lucky because I scored the first goal. On the last minute we were on a tie breaker with 25 goals each. We finished the match . . . My dad said that the last goal wins. The winner was . . . . my dad sadly I missed a save 😢😭😭.

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