My weekend with my friend

First we found a game what we can play and we chose football ⚽️. Then I was the shooter and my friend was goalie and I scored 24 goals and he saved 34 shots so he won the game. Then we went to his house and played hide and seek that was great fun. Then Bobby was over the graveyard but my friend had to go so I went over to Bobby. Then we had a lolly pop each and had a walking race but suddenly Bobby won.



I have done mathletics for a whole 2 or 1 years.I have been practicing for this mostly because teachers say go on mathletics.I played mathletics on the weekends and when we go to school.I have lots of bronze and only one silver so I’m trying to get gold so my parents Dont get angry at me.So I gave up on anything I like to play Mathletics now because then you don’t need to practice for Maths and it would be a little bit more challenging for me.Mathletics is almost my favourite game to play because maths is fine and in mathletics it’s  so challenging to play.In Mathletics there is test you can do but only I mostly play it on the weekends and when’s we go to school.Mathletics is my 4th favourite game to play but it’s all about math.Mathletics challenges me because on live mathletics I have to be quick enough to play which will get you points.I like to do test because it gets you a lot of points but the thing is it has 18 questions and it is challenging which I like.The order that you should is easy to core then to hard and then I like to play ‘Are you ready?’ And ‘Test’ that’s my favourite.Mathletics is mostly a speed game and a knowledge game.But I don’t like live mathletics much because what the score you get is what the points you get .e.g. 66 score=66+Points that’s an example.Speed and quickness is my type on Mathletics is a really fun game and there’s is like lots of tests and challenges to do on Mathletics.



I got home from school on Friday and a surprise was waiting for me. We were going to the cinema to watch NATIVITY ROCKS!!! We got there and I was staving luckily the movie was about to start. At the start this boy called Dorru lost his dad and went to a different contry to his dad. While this was happening a  man called Jerry was struggling to find his brother but when he got to the place where his brother was his brother wasn’t there. He asked the headmistress where is Mr Poppy and she said he is at Australia with his mum. Dorru went to the school which Jerry was at. They were supposed to be doing a rock opera and Dorru was from Syria and her dad’s favourite song was the song that they were doing for the rock opera so that was a bog help for the school. Also Jerry’s favourite song was the song that they were doing for the rock opera. At the end of this Dorru found her dad but Jerry did not find her brother but he did find his family right where he was he found his family inside his heart and that was where they had to be.

My weekend

I was playing roblox on my tablet. I went to the cinema with my parents and I watched the new version of Grinch. I really liked the film. Before going to the cinema we went to Subway for lunch.

My weekend

On my weekend I watched tv then I got dressed because we went to town and I got 30£ to spend. I bought a pair of shoes and 3 packs of sweets.  After that I brought a notebook for 2019 and we went Christmas shopping and  my presents had arrived at the place and as my dad went I came but I got dropped of at a restaurant with my mum and sister. When my dad went and got my present and after he got my brother from Sainsbury’s because he works there and after that he came to the restaurant and we all had dinner and then we left and I watched tv.

Today at school

Today I did some sketching and after break I made things with clay than we had some lunch. Then we got ready for p.e.then we had the registration. Then I started blogging and that is what I did today at school.


Learning how to be a laptop expert

I was learning how to be a laptop expert so I know more about laptops and not just iPads.To do it I had to know the keys on the laptop so I can know what to do and what to write at the same time.I wen’t on a printing page so I can print stuff and because there is lots of stuff to know in the printing page.In the holidays I knew how to print things and move the apps in laptops (Using Lenovo) and it was very tricky to know stuff.Mostly I found tricky was the tab key because it says Tab no where but it is just a symbol.To learn how to be an Laptop expert I had to research it and know how to learn more and be more confident with using laptops.Once in the time I got to memorise it by playing stuff so I know where the keys are and it is very helpful.Typing skills is hard to do because you have to memorise it very very well and with that your not supposed to look at the key to type fast and that’s what I’m trying to do in the holidays and half terms.When resarch i have to know lots and lots of stuff and you have to be very confident to actually understand the keys when you first look at it it’s really kind of hard to know all of it.It takes hours and hours or months and days to know how to be a laptop expert and it is very complicated to know all of the keys.On the laptop it is so hard to actually know the taps even if it doesn’t have the word it could have symbols and your stuck to know what it means.Learning to be a laptop expert you have to work all the time on laptops.

My Half Term

In the Autumn half term I got my sister’s phone and it became  my phone. I went to the park with my Friends My Mom👱🏻‍♀️ And Their Mom👱🏻‍♀️ And Dad👱🏻‍♂️ in the in the half term. I went to church⛪️ also my friend was there. And I stayed at home🏡 while my friends visited my house🏠.






My wonderful half term

On my half term I looked after my best  friend’s baby  brother 👶🏼over night and we went to  Johnson’s farm.

I also carved my pumpkin 🎃 with my cousin  and I did a really scary skull  it was so good I loved it.

I went to the movies 🎥 with my mum,sister,mum’s friend and her girls I went to see Goosebumps 2 .It was so scary but I loved it and we got the seats 💺 at the top of the stairs.

My trip to London

First I walked to Huntington train station   🚉 and saw a virgin liner then I got on my train.When I got on it took us ages to find a perfect seat then we found some great seats 💺 .When the train went in a tunnel my friends freaked out 🙀.