What pollution is doing to our world!


Did you know right this second pollution is spreading around the world. As it kills animals and people in many different ways!

Pollution Defined

Pollution is defined as a harmful material into the environment. Surprisingly, pollution can be deadly but not a gas! These types of pollution are called light pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and one that we all know gas pollution.

Pollutions Effects

As you know, pollution can be highly toxic but it doesn’t just effect us it effects other things too. For example water pollution hurts the animals in lakes and rivers as well as the sea because leaks of oil leak out of boats and into the water. Noise pollution affects us as it tends to include stress, illness but it would be quite rare to die from it! Light pollution is a bit like noise pollution as it also can cause stress, illness and mental health issues.

How You Can Help

We can help the Earth by using hand me downs like toys, clothes and bikes or take some things like  food maybe even your time to charities. As well as, doing that, you could start to walk more, ride your scooter / bike and travel on a bus or a train.


As you can tell, pollution is a terrible problem for this world as the world deserves better. This our one and only Earth and our world gives us crazy adventures with beautiful creatures, sights, waterfalls and magical flowers / plants and we want to keep that world so you can help our world by doing these things, remember it’s not for me it’s not for you it’s for everyone and most of all our Earth!



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