Pollution-big write


My topic is about pollution how it can effect us and other species and ways to prevent it!

Pollution is some type of gas that is bad for us and can be harmful to the environment/habitats,we already have lots of incidents that is happening like wildfires and also floods is because we are not taking care of the world this means we don’t care.

Pollution is not just effecting us it is effecting the animals habitats Also,if the animals are gone a big problem can occur example if there are no bees how’d we get honey? Some people don’t like it but what if there were no other food you’d have to hunt?

But how do we prevent it? You can walk go on a bicycle or not use a car at least (im not saying that you can’t drive a car) fun fact:did you know that when electric cars are built pollution comes out of it!(I think).

Thank you for reading I really appreciate it,hope you have a good day and I also hope that this can help you take care of the world bye!


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