About the mountain

How are mountain formed?

Mountains are formed when Earth is pushed to make big folds or blocks. Slowly over the course of millions of years mountains are formed. Although mountains are not the same they are formed similarly. There are many types of mountain such as fold Lock down and volcanic. Because the weather has been eating parts of it. Eroded is where the rocky surface  is washed away.


Block mountain

When I slap of line place of two out of tonic plates pull apart a push together a Block mountain begins to form.this happens by the tectonic plates are using force  from the Earth.A tectonic plate is a solid rock.The bloke is for the Block on either side of the block mountain is forced down.

Dome mountain

Now, the liquid rock hits the Earth crust forces the ground upwards but it does not come.Did you know that Mount Everest is a dome mountain?The molten rock does not erupt threw the Earth’s crust.The force between the molten lava and the tectonic plates make the dome shape of the dome mountain.swelling does not break through the surface it stays underground. Show mountains are the most commonest mountains in the entire world and they can also be classified as a heel if they are smaller than a mountain size.

Fold mountain

They were formed when two or more a tectonic plate opposite together. At these colliding, compressing boundaries,rocks and debris are wrapped and folded into rocky outcrops , hills ,mountain and entire mountain ranges. Within the other part of Earths crust ,Fold mountains are formed. Did you know that Rockies and the Himalayas are young folded mountains because they are around 10 to 25 million  years old. Fold mountains can also be classified as a hill because if it is lower than mountain height it is a hill it is higher than mountain height it is a mountain.


A brilliant information page on mountains and how they are formed. Great use of subheadings and pictures.

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