My weekend

My weekend

My weekend was fun because I had my favourite teacher in Polish school and she gave out very few pieces of homework. We also got to go outside and play with some of the older kids on the field. We played football, tag and many other games.


Sunday was also fun. I went to Glorian’s house and we had to wait one hour to play Fortnite.

Saturday & Sunday / 7.5.22 & 8.5.22

On Saturday I had Polish school. It was boring, but I had fun because we had a very fun experiment. Since there were barely any children in the class. We had to join two of the classes together. We had a different teacher because we did Geography.

On Sunday, I played games with my friends and we had a lot of fun. We played games and matched. We also did Pageants with some other people on the server. Unfortunately, we didn’t place in many rounds, but we still got prizes for participating.



Very boring, we had a whole year test. It was very boring. At least we got some sweets for some awards because we had a contest and me and Michal placed 5th. The topic was “How could we change the world?” We also done some cards for our fathers since it is going to be father’s day soon.


It was perfect, I had McDonalds and the hot chocolate was finally out since 154 days(actually just 2 days). It was really good, I had some chicken strips.


My weekend-

Last Saturday, I had to go to Polish School but it was fun because we were able to go outside and play.  But some of the boys in my class were not behaving so they had to do a punishment which  was 5 laps across the whole playground, the playground was very big.

-my weekend-  28.2.202

My weekend was very fun because I was at Glorian’s house and we rebuilt a mini base that Michal and Oliver built when I wasn’t there.
I also played some games with Glorian while I was there, we also watched some scary fnaf tapes with some sweet popcorn. Before we done that we went to pay at the park and eventually my dad and brother came. It was a very fun weekend that I had.

Save the planet with us!

Help us save the planet!

We all know that there is loads of rubbish on the ground and lots of sea/land animals are dying. All of us humans would appreciate it if you would help us!

some things we need to do:

– Pick up any litter that is thrown on the ground

– Don’t throw rubbish on the ground

-Recycle than put trash in the grey bins

-Dont use a car as much/save gas

-Turn off lights when you’re not in the room

-Use only the water you need/don’t use as much

-Volunteer to clean up

-Plant a tree

-Use long-lasting light bulb

-Create  artwork with the item you were about to throw away


-Made by Olivia