Save the planet with us!

Help us save the planet!

We all know that there is loads of rubbish on the ground and lots of sea/land animals are dying. All of us humans would appreciate it if you would help us!

some things we need to do:

– Pick up any litter that is thrown on the ground

– Don’t throw rubbish on the ground

-Recycle than put trash in the grey bins

-Dont use a car as much/save gas

-Turn off lights when you’re not in the room

-Use only the water you need/don’t use as much

-Volunteer to clean up

-Plant a tree

-Use long-lasting light bulb

-CreateĀ  artwork with the item you were about to throw away


-Made by Olivia

One thought on “Save the planet with us!

  1. I think you have identified some excellent strategies to help us combat the damage our planet is going through due to our actions.

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