What Meerbat has been doing with Miss Sewell

Meerbat was very happy with all his other teddy friends . He was also very comfortable and cosy ! Meerbat was ready to go to sleep after saving the day !  Meerbat did lots of  sleeping with Mrs… Read More


We have a mascot called Meerbat  he is in a chocolate box eating all of Miss Sewell’s chocolates!

Meerbat’s adventures!

 When I got Meerbat, we went to my Nan and my Grandad’s house and played lots of fun games like dominos. After that, Meerbat helped me to tidy up my room and to tidy up the front room.

Meerbat keeps warm

Meerbat is standing near the fireplace  so he can keep warm. ??

The time Meerbat had with Miss sewell

In the Christmas holidays Miss Sewell (our teacher) took Meerbat home . Here is a picture of them enjoying the holidays and Meerbat was hanging onto the light! It looks like he is pretending to be Superman!

Meerbats adventures (Christmas holidays)

In the Christmas holidays Meerbat spent the time with Miss Sewell our teacher!Here is a a picture showing what they did.

My weekend with Meerbat

After school, Meerbat  came home with me and we ate dinner together. My dog Max was very curious about Meerbat. We decorated the Christmas tree together with my mum . Then  I played a game with Meerbat on… Read More


On Friday, I got Meerbat to take home and I had good time with him. When we got home, I went on the trampoline and jumped loads. On Saturday we put the Christmas tree up and Meerbat helped… Read More

Meerbat By Tyler

Meerbat is our class mascot and every weekend one of us takes him home. Last weekend I took him home. I took Meerbat to the park and we played on the monkey bars and went down the slide. Then we went on… Read More

Me and Meerbat!

Me and Meerbat. We did a lot together as it was my birthday only Sunday we did not go out. On Friday we went on the train to Peterborough to have dinner! When we got there our restaurant… Read More