What Is Musical.ly ?

Musical.ly is an app where you can have fun and be yourself . You can find your friends like I did . You can choose from these categories : Style , Talent , DIY / HOW  , Comedy… Read More

Sneak Peek Of World Book Day At H.P.S !

We dress up as a book from the chosen author. This year we are dressing up as books from the author Laurence Anholt .We have read lots of his short stories and they are really good.We have contests… Read More

What Meerbat has been doing with Miss Sewell

Meerbat was very happy with all his other teddy friends . He was also very comfortable and cosy ! Meerbat was ready to go to sleep after saving the day !  Meerbat did lots of  sleeping with Mrs… Read More

Every 1st December

Every 1st December  In school, every 1st December , the Christmas tree goes  up, decorations go up and more . Then later on in the month we have Christmas Jumper day, Christmas Disco and year 4 goes to… Read More