What is Christmas ? about?

Christmas is a special time of year to spend with your family and having Christmas ? cheers. You should thank  Santa ? for what he gave you and at Christmas you should be happy ?.    

My weekend with Meerbat

After school, Meerbat  came home with me and we ate dinner together. My dog Max was very curious about Meerbat. We decorated the Christmas tree together with my mum . Then  I played a game with Meerbat on… Read More

Every 1st December

Every 1st December  In school, every 1st December , the Christmas tree goes  up, decorations go up and more . Then later on in the month we have Christmas Jumper day, Christmas Disco and year 4 goes to… Read More


On Friday, I got Meerbat to take home and I had good time with him. When we got home, I went on the trampoline and jumped loads. On Saturday we put the Christmas tree up and Meerbat helped… Read More