Meerbat went home with Mrs Sewell in the Christmas holidays and this is what happened. they went ice skating and opened Christmas presents and Meerbat was eating the Christmas chocolate from Mrs Sewell.Meerbat was on the light and… Read More

The time Meerbat had with Miss sewell

In the Christmas holidays Miss Sewell (our teacher) took Meerbat home . Here is a picture of them enjoying the holidays and Meerbat was hanging onto the light! It looks like he is pretending to be Superman!

Meerbats adventures (Christmas holidays)

In the Christmas holidays Meerbat spent the time with Miss Sewell our teacher!Here is a a picture showing what they did.

About Christmas!!

As you all know Christmas is a good time of year to love and listen to each other’s feelings and understanding how much we thank them. Christmas is not all about presents but it is for getting together… Read More

Every 1st December

Every 1st December  In school, every 1st December , the Christmas tree goes  up, decorations go up and more . Then later on in the month we have Christmas Jumper day, Christmas Disco and year 4 goes to… Read More


WHAT IS CHRISTMAS? Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Some people celebrate by giving presants and being kind by sharing.  Most people have an advent calender and some have choclate in them. An advent calender… Read More