My dog Bear

I have recently got a new staff named Bear🐻 he is a dark grey dog I also had another dog who was the same but called Neo  my dog Bear is so cute you would want to squeeze him.Bear is a kind hearted dog 🐶 he loves to go out for walks sometimes we take him to big fields he is always super hyper whenever he sees people

The dangerous typing

Hello all viewers of this blog I’d like to inform you about a dangerous typed message.This message is like a lie or like dangerous truth and dare but it only dares you.

These messages are sent to girls and younger children because they believe things easily.Also these messages are made by young men.Most people believe the messages and get many injuries but sometimes they even lose their life as well. 

But these events don’t happen too often one of the safety tips I’m going to give to you is to not always believe of what you see on the internet. Also tell this to other people you know so they can be safe as well. But if you do come across one of these messages ask a trusted adult to help you with it. So good bye everybody and I hope you’ll all be safe from these messages.