Kylian Mbappé

Mbappé is a talented footballer who is known for his amazing speed.His average running speed is 22.4 miles per hour. He is the next Ronaldo. Mbappé is the 3rd youngest player to win the World Cup in the history. His first profecional club was AS MONACO and his current club is PSG. PSG paid 72 million euros for Mbappé and now he is worth 180 million euros. If not football Mbappé probably would play tenis because he was good in it and he enjoyed it when he was a child. Mbappé never won a bl’door but he was once seconed. If you don’t know what does a bl’door means it is a golden ball which is handed to the best player of the season. Mbappé is handed a shocking amount  of  11.6 million per week. The Saudi league had offered him 332 million only for joining the club and PSG would get 776 million  for PSG super star. That would be a world record but Mbappé rejected. Al nasser would need to spend 1 billion and 108 million euros for just one player. Al nasser was as that desperate for Mbappé. Now I think you now most facts about Mbappé. Subscribe if you wan’t to inprove your knowledge about different football players.


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