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The bread bobtail was the only cat that had a short tail.all cats have the same print on their feet those are called cat beans. The breed American shorthair has been known for a long time.cats have a lot more breeds such as tabby ,bobtail and  American shorthair. Tabby breed has a mix of Colours, such as, A dark orange and a dark brown. short hair mostly black but sometimes they can get white sports such as on the tubby I did that colour. is a breed of cat that is blue what type of cat is cute but you can’t really see much of the blue it’s more of a navy blue. If you’re black cat lays in the Sun too much, it will turn round a very dark brown and so did you go to sit and then you’ll catch you soon be a entire dark brown cat. American shorthair has very short hair. The colours are white brown and black. All I have is black American shorthair if they do anything dumb  that is because of their attitude. they get too down, there will be falling off everywhere. I love cats and I Love, cuteness. Cats have a tail have a doze pink, black brown, and you’re at the most common is pink noses.