The imagining first day at Hogwarts.

May 3rd, 2018

Before the first day of Hogwarts I had to go to a place called Diagon Alley and buy some magic items and buy cloaks for Hogwarts. It was very exiting and I got an owl, I named it snowy because of its white colour. Also at Diagon Alley, I went to Gringotts, a type of wizard bank guarded by goblins. I had to pick lots of Knuts Sickels and Galleons, I visited Olivander’s shop and bought a magic wand made of pheonix feathers and wood from the dark forest. When I arrived back to the Muggle world I went next morning to London.

When I got to London, I asked a wizard how to get on platform 9 and three quarters he replied to me that to run up to the wall that was most far from him, I was a bit unsure at first but then I sped through and thought I was going to crash. Suddenly, I was walking through platform 9 and three quarters. The train was about to leave so I hopped on and sped through.

After a couple of minutes, I started talking with the other wizards they spoke about something called ” Quiditch”.  It sounded quite odd to me, they also started talking about what house they want to bee in, one of them said “Gryfindor,” and someone else said “Slytherin,” then after the train came to a halt. we all hopped off and saw a huge man. His name was Hagrid and he was leading us to the castle by boat and it was a stormy night so we got in the castle.

When we got in, we met the headmaster Dumbledor. He said to bring the sorting hat and a dusty old hat was wheeled in and I went first. When I put it on my head it bellowed RAVENCLAW! I walked to the table and people patted me on the back. Soon more houses were bellowed GRYFINDOR! HUFFLEPUFF! SLYTHERIN! HUFFLEPUFF! Then Dumbledore came back and told us to enjoy the feast. Suddenly magic plates came and huge piles of food came yorkshire puddings, roast beef, gravy, I was so stuffed at the end that I couldn’t eat much dessert. I ate a yummy apple tart and ice-cream. Soon Dumbledore came back and he told us to follow our house leaders to our dorms, as i was walking back my belly kept swirling so I got in bed and wrote this, and I am wondering what is happening tomorrow! I can hardly sleep at all!

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