Potion for Flying…

April 18th, 2018  Tagged

This potion will make you fly but it will were of in fifteen minutes. The ingredients you will need for this potion would be: a piece of cloud, some water, bat droppings, 3-5 petals of a rare flower named Fire Lily and some little bits of aloe vera leaf.

First you will need to add water to the cloud so that it becomes soggy. Next, you need to transfer the cloud along with the droppings into a cauldron. Stir this so that is becomes a bit sloppy. After, you must crush the aloe vera leaf but not the Fire Lily. The reason you shouldn’t crush the Fire Lily, is because it will dry up and turn into more tiny pieces. Then you need to mix this up and finally , you need to drink this so that it will make you fly.


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