Christmas In different countries

Christmas tradition in India :

  • They do carols
  • they set up firecrackers
  • they bake cakes
  • they try to make peace

Christmas traditions in lagos :

  • family-oriented
  • being together
  • bonds
  • joy
  • gifts
  • kindness

Christmas tradition in Spain :

  • new year celebration
  • the three kings
  • midnight mass
  • playing Christmas lottery
  • nativity scene




Everyone is born Creative.
The only thing that is powerful is your pencil. Oldest drawing  was 73,000 ago
it was found in a cave in France
I like drawing because you can use your imagination. when you draw you can use

  • pencils
  •  chalk
  • charcoal
  • crayons
  • pastels
  • pen

You are able to draw on lots of different surfaces.



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