post malone


He made his first audacity at 16.

He doesn’t like his first album because he thought its bad.


His first song is called white Iverson.


Post Malone is 28 years old he was born in 4 July 1995.

His  dogs nam is Bo and his dog is 2 years old.

He is an American singer and rapper


Taylor Swift Facts

Seven facts about Taylor Swift

  • Taylor Swift was estimated to be worth about 1.1 billon dollars.
    • Taylor Swift  is besties  with  ED Sheeran.
  • Taylor swift’s full name is Taylor Alison Swift.
  • Taylor Swift has released nine album.
  • The first number #1 song  is  “We are never ever getting back together.
  • Taylor Swift fans call them selves swifties.
  • Did you know Taylor  Swift has won 11Grammys.

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