Ears can be better then finer prints for ID. We found this out at science club. We are trying to earn out CREST award.


we made a list of all the ways we pushed or pulled the objects. Forces are pushes or pulls


Today we are learning about forces. Forces are when you pull,push and twist. If you twist it will come loose and will stop twisting. At home when you are putting the bins out you are forcing it to move by pulling it.

How can objects be moved ?

I found out that if you push something you can also pull things. I played around with some objects to see what they do, I found that I could push a small toy car with my hand but I pulled it back with a piece of sting.

Fingerprints and Ears

At stay and learn today we were researched fingerprints and seeing why ears are the new finger print. Each persons fingerprints are unique not even identical twins, who share the same dna,have the same fingerprints. This also shows that fingerprints are not completely controlled by genetics. The fingerprints tend to grow back over time. Ears better then fingerprints new study’s the outer ear could be better unique identification mark in human beings then fingerprints. When your born your ears are fully formed.

By Saoirse,Esmè and Scarlett


we discovered that shadow  and light is a darker light  is a shadow  and it is a darker colour

Light and dark

Light make rooms bright to make you see. Darkness is when there is no light.

LC:To understand the importance of sun safety.

It is really important that you protect your eyes against the sun because the sun emits UV rays which can damage your eyes and skin .My sun hat can protect your eyes from the sun by blocking out the worst rays and providing shade for your eyes and face.


If you work in the night, you would have a special jacket so you don’t get run over by a car. If you wear this jacket, drivers can see you clearly with out struggling to see you. This is because of reflection.

Pineapple experiment

We made three jellies. One had fresh pineapple. One had tinned pineapple and one had no pineapple. The fresh pineapple jelly didn’t set properly because it’s fresh.