going to my nan’s house

Last saturday  I drove 2 hours to get to london because thats where my nan lives .

When I got there, I spent 1 night there. I spent time with my aunty joanne and I had good time .

Half of the night I played some games on my xbox and read a book with my nan .

The next day I went home back in Huntingdon. That was my story hope you enyoyed it


Force is when you pull, push and rub. If you kick a ball hard and if you kick it light, it will go slower and if you kick it hard, it will go fast.

how school is going so far

School is going great so far from year 1 to year 3. It’s been the funnest years of my life . There’s been a few issues and that’s it .


If you work in the night, you would have a special jacket so you don’t get run over by a car. If you wear this jacket, drivers can see you clearly with out struggling to see you. This is because of reflection.

My life

I am living a great life last Sunday was my birthday I had so much fun and my favourite present was a games table and a punching bag at 12 aclook I had my best friend come round my house me and my friend whent to bounce after bounce me and my friend played at my house for 2 hours that’s whatI did for my birthday I loved my birthday 🎁

How does blood move around the body

blood is pushed around the body by your heart