Month: March 2019

my thoughts

I can use the right to use the witches 🧙‍♀️ today  we did maths in my life. it was alright and it was so fun. then there was the only time to draw my art skills to art 🖼 it was my birthday on Thursday.  last Friday we enjoyed it and the music 🎧 was so good 😊 I was so proud of my first day of school I had my art skills and skills to be able to use them to my life so they can get them and to be more helpful to me


Ears can be better then finer prints for ID. We found this out at science club. We are trying to earn out CREST award.

going to my nan’s house

Last saturday  I drove 2 hours to get to london because thats where my nan lives .

When I got there, I spent 1 night there. I spent time with my aunty joanne and I had good time .

Half of the night I played some games on my xbox and read a book with my nan .

The next day I went home back in Huntingdon. That was my story hope you enyoyed it


Forces are  like things to pull,push and twist. So for an example, you have a car and you push the car non forcely and it will not go that quick, but if you push it harder it will go quicker with a car





Forces is when you pull something in.

Forces is when you push or something else  out or in.

Forces is when you throw  a ball

Forces help you move objects .


Force is when you pull, push and rub. If you kick a ball hard and if you kick it light, it will go slower and if you kick it hard, it will go fast.

how school is going so far

School is going great so far from year 1 to year 3. It’s been the funnest years of my life . There’s been a few issues and that’s it .

Art is fun.

Art 🖼

Yesterday I and my whole class made pictures from littel pieces of paper (mosaic) some of us made a sun ☀️ set and some of us made a moon 🌑 set I did ✅ a moon 🌑 it was amazing 😉 😁🐣🐶🦊🐼💐🌞🌛🌈🎉🎊🎀


we made a list of all the ways we pushed or pulled the objects. Forces are pushes or pulls


Today we are learning about forces. Forces are when you pull,push and twist. If you twist it will come loose and will stop twisting. At home when you are putting the bins out you are forcing it to move by pulling it.