My Weekend

On the first day of the weekend, I had to wake up because I was going to Polish school. Since it was a nice day, me and my sister and my dad decided to go on our bikes. After Polish school, we biked home and I ate my dinner. Then I played some video games and then went on a bike trip.

On Sunday

My Weekend

On Saturday,I woke up ate my breakfast and got dressed because I had to go to Polish school. I packed my back pack and went to my dad’s car and he drove me and my sister to Polish school. After we finished Polish school, our dad came to pick us up.


Be careful! You never know who you are talking!

Everyone knows that the internet can be full of dangerous people. We have to follow the rules which gives us advices how to be safe on the internet.


  1. never give your personal details
  2. don’t send your pictures to unknown people
  3. never text with strangers
  4. don’t trust everyone straight away
  5. never give your home or school adress
  6. always inform your parents about strange messages and posts

Trust me…We can be safe!


My weekend

On Saturday I went to polish school. I learned some polish. When I got home I went on my bed and played some games on my tablet.

The next day, I woke up early because I had to go to my first football match in my league. When the match was finished, after we got home, I went upstairs and played video games.