Sacrewell farm trip

When we went to Sacrewell farm I had a lot of fun because we went to go pond dipping, we managed to find a lot of underwater creatures. Then we went to the park. Before pond dipping, we saw peacocks and alpacas. A while later, we went to the store to spend our pocket money, on the way we met a peacock and decided to call him Jerald. After we met Jerald we had to go for lunch. After lunch, Jerald was waiting for us.  We went to have a  look water mill. After this Then we went to a maze, it was easy to work out how to get out. Then we went to the park for 20 minutes, this was great fun and I had a go on a digger which had shovels to dig the sand. Sadly, we had to go back to the coach. I was so tired I almost fell asleep.

My weekend

On the weekend I didn’t really do anything I just went to Polish school then my friend came over for a sleepover. After that, we went to Glorian’s and made a base out of a tree that has fallen down.On Sunday we went to finish it off but without Glorian. Then I went to the shop and at 19pm I got new games on my Nintendo switch. Those games were World of Tanks, YouTube,Fifa 22, Rocket League, Pokémon.

I also was playing for a long time and then I watched YouTube for the end of the day.Then I grabbed my Nintendo switch and played a game.

my weekend

I didn’t really have the best weekend because after Polish school I had to go to ikea and we almost got lost but then we found the exit.I thought that was a miracle but it wasn’t. Then I went home to see my Alexa and also play some Fortnite. Luckily 🍀 I finished tie dying in my room then I set up my Alexa.

Our school team and school

In our school we have a lot of people that can help you for example mr Henderson  or miss linch we also have supervisors at lunch and break but if you need help you can ask a teacher or assistance in the classroom.We also have our own school outside classroom witch we will be able to go in it in a while.We might be able to get our own iPads from year 4,5 and 6 to take home and use at school if we are lucky to but if we do not we still have iPads at school.We also have a app called seasew.