It was christmas eve . The chiledren were dreaming what Santa look like ,dad was dreaming about a new bat mum was dreaming about something else.

But Mog had a nightmare before long he moved his tail like a snack light moved therfore tering the oven on and the ball rolde to his por

As soon as he wack up he smelled an over cook turkey.In a blink of a eye he hopped on the overn and opned the overn .A amer on smok came out in his fase.

He hock done erting he stepd on the phon therfore calling 999 he janped on the tale aftrwards he janped on the fan hit him in the dooke.

he floow in the tree and the plug whent out thrfore dring the tree he tree he run out of the home and seen the fire.

Mog runin the home telling the fire fiters the where the fire is and fire fiters brok bone the door and the fire fiters toled haw mog saved the day .

A old lady said mog needs a metll and the litelady siad he need a egg they look in the home the neighbers gave there christmas to them so they can have a christmas the end……

Mog,s Christmas calamity

On christmas eve the thomas family were having sweet dreams but mog wasant he was having a horribal nightmare his tail was violently wagging his tail.Mog was running on the stove and it turned on the stove and mog burt himself and he burnt the turkey and smoke goes every were and causes mayhem.

The young cat Mog jumps on to the massive clock and it falls down and chestnuts pop every were like rapid bullets and it wouldent stop and neally fell on the presents and he called 999 and wakes every one.

The next morning,the fire bragade came to the thomas’s house was burnt by the burning hot oven. inside the house the burning turkey got fire extinguished.

All of the neighbors help rebuild the house and redecorate and make it brand new again with new furniture and new turkey.

Mog has his own egg given by the neighbors they said mog deserves a gold shiny medal but instead he got a fresh new egg.

Mog’s Christmas Eve

Suddenly, Mog’s family was sleeping on Christmas eve, but Mog wasn’t sleeping he was having a nightmare. Mog was a flying cat and there was a bird behind him and the bird was about to bite Mog, then Mog got caught with some of his family’s Christmas lights and then he ran. Mog fell onto the table and then all the food fell of the table because he jumped from the cooker onto the table and just made it and he knocked the cooker open.

Courageously, the fire brigade came and then they brang the dirty, burned turkey and when Mog opened the cooker smoke fired out at him so he ran and jumped onto the clock and it fell down.

Clumsily, Mog got caught up with the Christmas tree lights and chestnuts were popping when he was running out from the smoke and then Mog saw the fire brigade truck who went inside and got the burned turkey out.

Violently every single part of their Christmas was ruined so all of the were out and the Christmas tree was on the floor aswell as all the food and the blanket that the food was on.

Tearfully everybody who had a lovely Christmas saw that Mog’s family didn’t, so they shared all of their presents with Mog’s family and they helped them put all of their decarations up for the rest of December.

Mogs Christmas Clamitiy

On Christmas eve, everyone was sleeping and Mog had a nightmare but the rest of the family were having a nice dreams like, the dad was dreaming about a new bat, mum was dreaming about romance and lastly the kids were dreaming about what Father Christmas bought them.

Walking carefully, Mog walked over and pushed the oven door, the smoke bellowed all over Mog. He jumps on top of the clocks. Suddenly, the chestnuts were popping all around just like popcorn.

The cat skidded out side and stopped right in front of the fire engine. Then the fire engines said “Mog saved the day!” The fire engines went inside and got the burnt turkey and sprayed it with a fire extinguisher.

The family went inside and everything was destroyed, so no Christmas for the family and the family got all upset. If the family had no Christmas then the neighborhood shared Christmas.

Finally Mog got his delicious egg.

Mog’s Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve and the whole family was dreaming good dreams apart from Mog the cat, who was having a bad dream. Mog was swishing his tail around and Mog got it caught in the Christmas lights. It knocked all the cards over, hit a ball and turned the oven on. Mog woke up to a burning turkey. He opened the oven and stepped on the phone. He jumped down and jumped at the table. The cloth fell and all the food fell off the table.

Mog jumped up to the fane it Capet spring and spingintil Mog can’t take it envy more, dropped ,banded onto the clock and the clock fall.Mog jumped onto the presents.The lights blow on the Christmas tree.

Mog ran out side and the fire engen was ther.He ran to the house. They got the torches and spade it .

The family went inside the house .They thought that Christmas was gone.

Then the whole neighbourhood came to help tidy up the house .Mog got his eggs because what a good job he done.

Mogs Christmas calamity

It was the night before Christmas,everyone was sleeping in the cold winters weather, excited for for Christmas Day. There were good dreams all around apart from the little cat Mog. He had a nightmare,whilst waging his tail violently,it got caught on the counter lights!They fell off the counter pulling everything else of the counter. Mog woke up, rapidly the smoke started coming out of the steaming oven. So he climbed onto the counter and took a leap onto the table,pulling and smashing all of the food and decorations of the table, but in the end he made it up.

Then Mog heard a strange popping sound,it was the chest nuts flying around the room breaking everything in sight. Mog ran to the living room,the smoke was chasing him!

Mog took a long jump onto the falling clock.It landed with a crash on all the presents!

Then the fire engine came to rescue them and the burnt flakey turkey.”Mog deserves a egg.”said the small girl.But when they actually went into the house they realised there was no egg neither Christmas!

However the neighbors thought differently.They helped set every thing back up and Mog even got his boiled egg.That was the end of Mog’s storie!


On christmas eve the Thomas family are sleeping. clumsily Mog the cat has a bad dream, evil robins are chasing, while he is having the horrible dreams his tail is tangled in loads of chrismas lights. Suddenly Mog gets so scared he starts wagging his tail and suddenly it turns on the cooker with the turkey in it.

Suddenly in the morning Mog woke up and noticed the turkey was burning so Mog jumped on the cooker and it opened tons of smoke came out and filled Mogs face with black gust.While Mog had tons of smoke in his face which made him slip and touched the number 999 on the phone.Mog leeped onto the table which made all the plates slip on the floor , suddenly the chestnuts started popping like popcorn.

Mog jumped onto the big ben clock whick fell on the christmas lights cable and all the lights shutdown and the tree burnt to a crisp. Smoke consumed the house and Mog ran out and a firetruck was there. 5he firemen folowed Mog to the house and put the turkey out.

Rapidly everything was destroyed no present no nothing so all the neighbourhood came and shared there christmas with them and had a big feast.Even Mog got his eggs

Mog’s Christmas Clamitiy

On Christmas Eve, the family was dreaming about what they would want for Christmas from Santa Claus .But they had a cat called Mog which had a terrible nightmare.He had a dream thT he was chased by a bird with scary teeth and the bird bit him.The bird was big and his wings were red and he had yellow teeth.

Suddenly, Mog woke up and he smelled smoke coming out.He quickly jumped on the oven and opened the oven smoke bellowed out of it .Mog was not amused.

A few minutes later, chestnuts started to pop like popcorn mog jumped on to the fan and started sinning on the fan he fell of an old clock that was laying on the wall.mog was terrified as the poor cat nearly got squashed but the clock hit the presents instead of him.

Smoke hits the house and mog runs outside as he ran he stopped because his face nearly hit by the face of a fire engine .the fire fighters ran into the house and put out the fire.The family were really not impressed by the state of the house.

All the people that live near them gathered and made the house clean again they got all the food and a new Christmas tree and all was good and most importantly mog got his eggs.

Mog’s Christmas Calamity

On christmas eve , everybody was dreaming about diffrent things but mog was dreaming ,well he allways had nightmares.while he was having his nightmares , two very scary birds chased him with sharp teeth. while he was having that kind of dream , he was wagging his tail.the ball fell onto the oven and clicked the button on the oven.

As Mog climed onto the oven he opened the door and suddenly some steam came into Mog’s face and he felt a little bit blind and then he was walking along the oven and while he was walking along an accerdently pressed 99 and as the stick fell over it pressed another 9 put it all together it = 999. Mog jumped onto the fan and the fan stated going around and around and Mog got very dissey and he fell onto the christmas tree and when Mog and when Mog looked behind him all of the christmas tree decorations fell of onto the floor. Then Mog climed onto the clock then the clock fell over then Mog landed onto the christmas presents.

The fire men came to put water all over the house. They also found a cooked turkey inside the house and Mog was very upset because he could’nt have a christmas.

Mogs Christmas calamity

On Christmas eve all of the family war having sweet dreams a step from one and that is Mog still sleeping…This is the dream mog was having a bard and him getting chased by it. Then the tale hit his tale on a ball and then every thing broke. Then evry thing came out on him.

Blasting in Mogs face smoke went in his face then he tried to run but he did not get away. So Mog was messed mup for a bit of time but it went off in less then a second then he was holding the fan for aches and it got to fast he went flying of. And landed realiycl

finaly Mogs got his egg