Mogs crazy Christmas

On the night of Christmas Eve the Thomson family had been hushed by sleep. All dreaming happy dreams,and then there was Mog. Even though he is a very important family member he was having a nightmare.I don’t want to bore you with details so I’m not going tell you about it.

Mog was so scered he rapped around some lites and pulled the cards down Wich pushed a ball wich ternton the oven and the stove.After a few hours Mog finally woke up and thought something was he went over to the oven and axidently opened it .Suddnly a cloud of smoke rushed into her face.

Do you remember erlyer I told you that the stove got ternt on ,well unfortunately there were some chestnuts cooking.So now the chestnuts were pinging every wich way and enything they touched would smash.Walst this is happening Mog tried to jump onto the table but the cloth started to slip and as Mog tried to climb up the cloth slipped more and more,until the cloth and the plaits smashing down.

Mog finally found the dore she ran straight for it and through the cat flap.However when she did get out side there was a huge fire truck.The men saved the family and the turkey.The over neighbors said “we will Sheri are Christmas “

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