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Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw Quidditch Match

The game started when Ioana in Gryffindor catches the quaffle?? and then Lacey in Gryffindor passed to Sorin in Gryffindor  but Ben in Ravenclaw catches the quaffel?.Ben in Ravenclaw passed to Helena in ravenclaw and the she passed to  kya in ravenclaw ?.Kya in Ravenclaw and then passed to Ben and Ben runs to the hoops and scored ?.10 points to Ravenclaw! Gryffindor starts with the quaffel ioana in Gryffindor passed to Sorin but Ben catches it Ben runs off to the hoops but choses to pass to Helena tried to pass to Kya but Kya missed Helena and Lacey in Gryffindor??.Lacey ran to hoops acompanied by Sorin and Ioana both in Gryffindor.She jumped over a bludger Lacey goes in to score but the kipper saves it??.Lacey Injured she is out of the mach the game continues with Ravenclaw with the quaffle Kya passed to Ben and he catches the quaffle and passed to Helena she passed to kya but she missed the quaffle  meanwhile the baters are throwing bludger at eacher back to the Chaos,Kya passed to Alesha she is a bater and she in Gryffindor a  nother person out in Gryffindor it not looking good for Gryffindor?.Alesha passed to Sorin in Gryffindor Sorin go’s to score he scores 10 points Gryffindor?!Suddenly Gryffindor caches the golden snitch 180 points the Gryffindor the game ends!Gryffindor wins??????!




It was christmas eve . The chiledren were dreaming what Santa look like ,dad was dreaming about a new bat mum was dreaming about something else.

But Mog had a nightmare before long he moved his tail like a snack light moved therfore tering the oven on and the ball rolde to his por

As soon as he wack up he smelled an over cook turkey.In a blink of a eye he hopped on the overn and opned the overn .A amer on smok came out in his fase.

He hock done erting he stepd on the phon therfore calling 999 he janped on the tale aftrwards he janped on the fan hit him in the dooke.

he floow in the tree and the plug whent out thrfore dring the tree he tree he run out of the home and seen the fire.

Mog runin the home telling the fire fiters the where the fire is and fire fiters brok bone the door and the fire fiters toled haw mog saved the day .

A old lady said mog needs a metll and the litelady siad he need a egg they look in the home the neighbers gave there christmas to them so they can have a christmas the end……