Mog’s Christmas

It was another cold, wintery Christmas Eve when everyone was sleeping and having a great dream except from Mog he was having a nightmare. Suprisingly, Mog smelt smoke so he went into the kitchen and opened the oven. Sunddenly a gust of smoke flew right in his face so he blindly stepped back smashing everything in the way and accidentally calling 999 on the phone.

Suddenly, chestnuts started to pop like gunshot or popcorn, flinging everywhere, the chestnuts scared Mog so he tried to get on the table. While Mog was trying to get on the table the tablecloth was being pulled down and all the food was falling on the floor all of the dishes and plates were smashing recklessly.

While running away, the lights for the Christmas tree were getting tangled on Mogs tail but unfortunately he didn’t notice. Mog tripped because the wire was being pulled too much and in front of him came a fire truck. Luckily the people put out the fire and took out the turkey. When looking at the condition of the house the family thought Christmas was over so Mog sat at the front door.

All of a sudden, the neighbors started to rush in with Christmas decorations and thing you need to celebrate Christmas. When everything was ready everyone celebrated Christmas together like a family because Christmas is for sharing. Later Mog got his egg.

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  • swillcocks

    20th December 2017

    Well done Ayaan ! You have repeated suddenly, or all of a sudden throughout this piece. Can anyone suggest other ways to start these sentences?


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