Friends reunited, coming back to school, new and existing topics but is it the same anymore?everything  has changed as pupils have returned to school.Time has flown by as pupils approach there half term break, yet COVID 19 still existed since March.

it was March 20th when schools were forced to stopped educating there children which, led parents and teachers to worry.Boris Jonson replied to all saying “Education is the single most important agenda of our country for the few days” With children returned to school there are new measures in place school was not the same for the children. With screens in front of them and Had to social  distanceChildren  are educated and still have fun. Children wash their hands regularly although children don’t like it it’s still better Then the bubbles

when returning to school, the children, parents and teacher were all worried about there learning, learning environment and safety. when returning to school the children had mixed emotions a young girl stated “I was both excited and nervous about coming back to school.” The teachers echoed there emotions with “Now classes are back they can continue their education.” The new measures have made a wealthy learning environment worries. A parent has stated “I am happy to say that the new measures In place are well thought of and should stay in place.”

With Covid-19 still spreading and new measures in place will schools still be able to stay open? will schools shut again?