Month: October 2020

HPS school by Callum

Friends reining coming back to school new and exciting topics really the same every thing has change as pupils have theme returned to school. Theme has flown by as Pupils approved. The half term break yet  COVID 19 is still here in the uk 6 months has past it is difficult.

On March 20th lockdown – all schools closed down happened all schools closed down all over the uk schools sent out work for the children of all of the schools so Boris Johnson announced that COVID 19 has caused a corona lock down and said no one is allowed at schools on June some schools let bubbles in school so they can do some work in school in school it’s some people liked it but some other people didn’t like it. There were screens in front of every one at .Break time and lunchtime.

you could not touch nothing at tall and before school came back every one was home learning all children did home learning for people fort it was hard but they got it a lot but some schools’ got Covid 19. September 2nd schools Have  fully opened Where every child came back to school.After a long time of children not going to schools many parents felt worried that there children are going back to school . About from Huntingdon primary school .Said I don’t want to go school many some felt the same way I felt I was excited to go back to school because I could see my friends. Another child reported from Thomas age 11


pupils and parents feel scared about children returning back to school because of COVID 19 However the first half term was okay

Half term heroes by:Ashton Grech

Throughout the U.K. children have returned to school, teachers preparing, learning mode on-but is this safe? After a whole six months of home learning , we are finally allowed to go back to classrooms and COVID is no longer holding us hostage. Schools have adapted and made adjustments so children have been able to return and stop home learning. They have now returned for a whole half term-that’s a whole month! However, how are the children feeling about this?

On March 20th 2020, due to the nationwide lockdown beginning all schools were forced into nationwide closure causing pupils to begin home learning which made some children to feel trepidation because they thought they would not get any input and not being able to work properly. Despite this continuing on for six months, schools formed many restrictions such as: following one way systems, no physical contact protective screens social distancing and constant hand washing. After a couple of months, some schools re opened in bubbles of equal people to minimise the quantity of bacteria to not have COVID spread in schools. On September 2nd 2020 schools re opened allowing pupils to educate properly


As children return, they have their own opinion for schools re opening. One child quoted ,”I don’t like the rules schools placed.” Another child stated,”although the rules have been placed we still have a chance of getting coronavirus.”Now let’s hear from so Huntingdon primary school teachers miss ruff reported,”I felt  very excited to be with a whole class once again, but I’m also nervous about keeping them safe.”

Pupils, parents and staff are incredibly positive about the return to school, but there are a few questions being asked such as will schools be able to stay open? Are children fated to go back into home learning? the only way to find out is to wait for the future.


Children across the whole world have returned back to school, friends reunited, new and exciting topics -Does this really still feel the same? After months of national school closures, in September the children finally were allowed to return and start learning once again.

Even though coronavirus is still raging across the world, the government had safely returned children back to school in their New Years with their new teachers. In reality, what do you believe about the governments choice and how the have planned to keep this all the same?.

On March 20th, schools across the whole globe had been demanded to shut down schools due to COVID-19. The impact of the virus was robust. There is trepidation over the impact of the virus on children’s education, also how it would affect them. In the mean time, children’s whose parents were key-workers or in a specific year groups were able to return back to school. The schools were changed and measures have been put in place such as, in corridors arrows were put down to prevent children and adults being face-to-face. Also Perspex screens have been placed to stop children being directly opposite each other. Children were also taught in ‘class bubbles’ with the learning being restricted to one environment within school. The guidance form the guidance from the government and pupils around was to keep  two metres apart (6 feet). Boris Johnson announced, “We are now making progress  in this incredible nation wide battle against coronavirus!” However, now the first half-term is coming to a close, how have parents, teachers and children found these changes?

After the prolonged period away from school, many children were initially  anxious about their return to school. One pupil insisted, “ I felt apprehensive when returning back to school but at the same time I was extremely delighted to be welcomed back to school!” An Abundance of children echoed this feeling Of anxiety throughout the first week. Teachers also I had a mixture of feelings,One teacher stated, “I was looking forward to have a whole class of children again however, I did feel nervous about keeping the children safe.” It seems for  any pupils that nerves have dissipated as parents are exclaiming, “I feel sorry for my child to go back to school with all of the new rules.”Also, many children have seemed to settle into school life and I’m making really  good progress so far.

Pupils, parents and staff are incredibly positive about the return back to school and learning in our own learning spaces yet again after the long wait. However with corona virus, we will have to stay two metres and keep ourselves safe.Children have went back positively  and have got a incredible amount of fantastic work being done!


Half term heroes by logan

Friends reunited, coming back to school, new and existing topics but is it the same anymore?everything  has changed as pupils have returned to school.Time has flown by as pupils approach there half term break, yet COVID 19 still existed since March.

it was March 20th when schools were forced to stopped educating there children which, led parents and teachers to worry.Boris Jonson replied to all saying “Education is the single most important agenda of our country for the few days” With children returned to school there are new measures in place school was not the same for the children. With screens in front of them and Had to social  distanceChildren  are educated and still have fun. Children wash their hands regularly although children don’t like it it’s still better Then the bubbles

when returning to school, the children, parents and teacher were all worried about there learning, learning environment and safety. when returning to school the children had mixed emotions a young girl stated “I was both excited and nervous about coming back to school.” The teachers echoed there emotions with “Now classes are back they can continue their education.” The new measures have made a wealthy learning environment worries. A parent has stated “I am happy to say that the new measures In place are well thought of and should stay in place.”

With Covid-19 still spreading and new measures in place will schools still be able to stay open? will schools shut again?

Back to school by Tegan

Children are back on track, lockdown is over, getting new rules felling worried- But what is it safe? After months of learning at school in lockdown, in September children finally returning to school learning with their teachers and friends to educate better in school. While the COVID pandemic still holds the county, school have been able to invite children to come back safely by not touching supplies that are not theirs. Keeping their distance and not to get sick, the schools adapt to the new normal by the government.


On March 20th, schools across the county had to transform into lockdown by the government prime minister Boris Johnson to keep us safe because of a new virus called the coronavirus (COVID-19). Instead of doing nothing, teachers have been sending homework in so children can learn but at home. Learning at home was very hard for some children. As children work, adults also had to work at the same time that’s why it was tricky. Similarly to children, teachers also had to work in school and to keep safe they had to keep their distance and to wash their hands every time when they touch something, before eating and going outside.

Before this virus, children have been learning super differently because they did not have a screen protectors, not washing hands a lot, touching each other and no distancing. They always take our folders home but this time they did not take them home early to show their parents what they have been doing in their year.when children returned to schools in September 2nd they saw so much supplies that they did not have. Now the rules are staying their distance, not touching each other to not get sick, screen protectors (Perspex)and washing their hands all the time and following the arrows. But how are children feeling?


After the prolonged period alway from school, many children were anxious to return to school. One student explained “I felt excited because I was going to see my friends and worried because SATS is  next year and when we came back to school we did some tests.” This was the opinion of children that had different feelings. Many children were confused. On the first day of school children are being faced with the hardest challenges of COVID around schools. A teacher from HPS school has replied “I felt happy to come back to school to see the children and my work colleagues.” Although teachers  felt that way, some felt anxious to teach. Lockdown felt very hard to work because of distractions and missing friends. Harper quoted “I felt. Confused  because I did not know what was going on.”

pupils, parents and staff Are all incredibly positive about returning to school, with everyone share their feelings and opinions. However, with COVID cases they will begin to rise across the country, and new measures to place around school to keep safe. Teachers will continue  to support children with learning  of what the future may hold next.



Back To School by Freddie Marley

Schools are back,people managing the return to school,safer learning-but is it safe ? How has it effected us? After months at home students returned in September.In the UK every school has opened.Pupils adapting to the new rules.Pupils are managing the COVID-19 rules and following the arrows.However,with so much change and time away what has the first half term really been like?


On March 20th 2020, schools were told to shut down due to the roofless COVID-19 (corona virus).In July 2020 year 6 and year 5 went back to school for the whole of July.In September 2020, schools went back to school and now it has nearly been 8 weeks can you believe that! Pupils adapting to school again. With half tern just around the corner pupils are feeling tired. Borris  Johnson declared “it is the single most important on the agenda of our country in the next few days.”Schools had trepidation to open doors again but the anxiety has gone down.Thankfully Perspex blocking face to face contact but is it enough?what does the children and parents think


When children returned to school the children felt nervous.A child stated “, he felt a bit nervous because he has not been at school for a lot of time”.An adult replied “ ,she felt excited for her child to go back to school her child can learn better”.The teacher announced “,She felt excited and nervous because she had to keep the class safe and also to have a full class again”.


Pupils, parents and staff are incredibly positive about the start they have had to the new term hopefully next term will be just as good as this term has been.But is this better than home learning? We at least now the teachers will continue to support the children with learning regardless of what the future may hold.

Half term heroes! By Ellie

Children across the country returned to their classrooms, friends United after months of isolation, teaching and learning back on track- but will this be the new normal? After months of National school closures and children doing online work, they were finally allowed to return to school and continue their learning. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic still takes place, children continued to show communication with their classmates. Now schools have almost completed their first half-term, it is coming to a successful end. Although not having to be face-to-face, children can still find fun somewhere in their imagination. But will this last forever?

On March 20th, schools across the United Kingdom were forced to close their doors to students as the nation went into lockdown due to the travesty of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Many people had the feeling of trepidation because they didn’t know what would happen further into the future. Although many children were able to online school work, some children, whose parents were key workers, were able to return to school before the summer holidays. Boris Johnson insists that, “Keeping schools closed was economically unsustainable and morally indefensible.” Thankfully, on September 2nd, children across the country were allowed to return back to school, however, being at school did not feel like the normal the pupils were used to. With the return back to school, the children had to follow some new rules and safety measures such as, children being required to wash their hands regularly across the school day, following the social distancing rules around the environment and trying their best to not be in face-to-face contact within the corridors and classrooms. However, now the first half-term is coming to a close, how have parents, teachers and students found these changes?

After the prolonged period away from school, many children were initially anxious about their return to school with most being passionate about seeing their friends again. When the pupils returned back to school, many parents were disquiet about their children’s safety but some were happy for them to be properly educated again. Here is what some parents have to say, “ I felt relieved after such a long break from school, it would be good for my children to get back into a structured learning routine. Working from home whilst also juggling school tasks was becoming a difficult balancing act, I have respect for teachers!” One teacher stated, “I was looking forward to having a whole class of children again, however, I did feel nervous about keeping the children safe.” A student replied with, “I believe that returning back to school was easier than home learning because if you were stuck you had a larger variety of people to ask such as peers and adults. It was also much more fun because you got more communication with other people and you could actually talk to your friends face-to-face instead of on a screen.” Now that routines are in place for children, parents and teachers it seems that education is resumed and children are making excellent progress to close any gaps that home learning may have created.

Overall, pupils, parents and staff are all incredibly positive about the return to school, with everyone sharing how fantastic it is to have children back on the classroom with their teacher. Hopefully in the future there will be more good news to report with.

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