Schools are back,people managing the return to school,safer learning-but is it safe ? How has it effected us? After months at home students returned in September.In the UK every school has opened.Pupils adapting to the new rules.Pupils are managing the COVID-19 rules and following the arrows.However,with so much change and time away what has the first half term really been like?


On March 20th 2020, schools were told to shut down due to the roofless COVID-19 (corona virus).In July 2020 year 6 and year 5 went back to school for the whole of July.In September 2020, schools went back to school and now it has nearly been 8 weeks can you believe that! Pupils adapting to school again. With half tern just around the corner pupils are feeling tired. Borris  Johnson declared “it is the single most important on the agenda of our country in the next few days.”Schools had trepidation to open doors again but the anxiety has gone down.Thankfully Perspex blocking face to face contact but is it enough?what does the children and parents think


When children returned to school the children felt nervous.A child stated “, he felt a bit nervous because he has not been at school for a lot of time”.An adult replied “ ,she felt excited for her child to go back to school her child can learn better”.The teacher announced “,She felt excited and nervous because she had to keep the class safe and also to have a full class again”.


Pupils, parents and staff are incredibly positive about the start they have had to the new term hopefully next term will be just as good as this term has been.But is this better than home learning? We at least now the teachers will continue to support the children with learning regardless of what the future may hold.