Pet surprise bomb!

Not only people are bored in lockdown, but also our fluffy companions. Our companions need new and amazing toys which will break their boredom and give them joy. Don’t you want to help your loyal friend? You don’t want to make them sad. They need something and thankfully I have made just the thing to help you. Your buddy will find their new favourite toy like a little pumpkin toy, snake toy or little happy girl toy design. My lucky dip can also can help your pet find his new favourite snack to eat and a treat.You need need to try this bright idea.Use the lucky dip and give it to your pet they will be so happy with a little smirk on their face trust me!One thing are you ready for this?Come on!Dont make your pet wait!

Our company Pet surprise bomb offers homemade,affordable toys for your soft companion(s)to break their boredom.Because,you know you want to award them for being so nice and loyal to you.With our toys and treats your pet(s) will be the most happy animal on earth.We plan to provide all of your pets with anti-boredom power what is our amazing and fun toys your pet(s) will play with.Our Pet surprise bombs are going to be located on St.Redstreat 1 dip for 1£. Some days there will be discounts like on events for example the discounts will be 3 dips get 1 free or even 6 dips get 4 free isn’t that just out of the world! Remember that you can use our products for different reasons for example your pet friends pet or family’s pets: We have got something for everyone. You can get it for your cat or dog or other pets it doesn’t matter what type of amazing friend you have; fluffy or scaly – it doesn’t matter. We think this is a amazing idea and you can get a subscription for our lucky pet dips it would be £5 every month with our subscription you can get exclusive designs delivered straight to your door. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your 7 day trail or wait after you call our company number after 7 days but you would have to wait 2 weeks until it officially works.

This just the start of Pet surprise bomb! In the future we plan to expand Pet surprise bomb by adding more designs, gift cards and more people. However,without your support, our dreams will not come true.But you can help us by buying our current items in our lucky dip for pets as it will help us to increase our profits so that we can begin our next page on our new journey.We believe that our product  can bring joy to you and your buddy  and eventually all people around the world will have a happy,joyful companion.We know that with your support we will be able to succeed we will truly appreciate all of the support we get.If you are invested in this as much as I am you can help us, use our products and support us. Hopefully all of your loving support can get us recognised one day.

                               Thank you for listening to my speech,

                                   Hopefully you enjoy our products.


Well done Nikola, it is clear you tried really hard with your pitch even though you only had one to design and write it. You have tried to include lots of the A FOREST PIE features. Well done. Mrs Spenceley

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