Logan & Nala’s Mystery Box

Nothing to look forward to; feeling lonely; feeling sad; feeling bored; people have nothing to do due to Covid-19, the UK (United Kingdom) is having to stay at home and social distancing. Mundane, unmotivated, stagnating-how will I fix this you ask? The answer is simple. Mystery. By providing mystery through the post your life will be going from boring to the unknown. The only thing to ask now is ! are you ready for your life to be a mystery.

logan and Nala’s Mystery Boxes hopes to offer families a chance to be excited again. Although we are in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t have a mystery in our lives. If you are girl, boy, animal, fish we have it all you can even colour or fill one your self It’s 5.00£ for delivery or 2.50£ and 10£ a mouth for free delivery and you get half-price deals and some times you can buy one get one free when our company expands. These prices, which I feel reflect on the quality, are reasonable.

This is just the start of our journey As our company grows, we want to offer more boxes to people. We hope for more people to join our company, so they can help us expand our company. I fully believe when Logan and Nala’s mystery box it, will be across the world and everyone will want it. Thank you for your time I hope you are as excited as I am.

Well done Logan! You have worked incredibly hard to use the Y6 writing skills and persuasive techniques in your pitch this week! I’m impressed with the resilience you have shown. 

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