A day in the life of a humanist

Doing a fun run for charity 

Hello people today I’m going to help charity. As a humanist you should help people and make the world a better place. I’m going to give away clothes for charity and some food. I can’t really give money because I’m also struggling too. As humanist people we must not start fights but instead we should lead peace into people. It’s a wonderful day to help people. I did give about 100£ to charity but it was worth it. I’ve had a wonderful time to hang with the people.


Lovely, a good application of humanist beliefs. LW.

A day in a life of a humanist

My litter pick

Hello readers, You know that I am  a humanist and that means that means that I care for the environment .  I have decided to have a very good day by having  a litter pick  in our neighbourhood . Since we only have one life we should make the most of it  and picking up all of the rubbish that people had dropped it will make a big difference to are planet. We should protect nature and then our community will look beautiful we can all take a part in it. We are all human we should have the responsibility to take care of are planet it made me very happy doing a litter pick and helping the planet.


Great application of humanist beliefs! Well done. LW.

A Day in the Life of a Humanist

Hello! Today I didn’t know what to do so I decided to do a litter pick! As you know, we Humanists believe that science made us and we have only one life so we live life at the fullest. We aren’t told to be good for a reward, we do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Although it doesn’t seem clean, it actually is really rewarding AND good for the planet. Also, there is a big risk of animals eating it and dying so this is also good for animals. It is our responsibility to keep the planet clean and save many lives.

Fantastic application of humanist ideas, well done. LW.

A day in a life of a Humanist

Hello readers! If you are a humanist, you believe that there is only one world, and that we should care for it. So.. We are going to pick littler off of the ground today, no matter how disgusting it is! Even if I didn’t throw it( I never would) I I’ll pick it up. I went around the neighbourhood picking litter and found so much things that was thrown onto the ground. It was horrible of how people treat our world. By cleaning it up, we save the animals. Picking up litter made me really happy and it was a nice way to spend my day.


Fantastic application of humanist ideas, well done! A great day in the life. LW.

Day as a humanist

My animal shelter volunteer 

Today I volunteered in an animal shelter as we humanists believe that helping the Earth is a good thing and to make others around us happy. During the animal shelter volunteer, I helped the poor animals at the shelter have a comfy shelter to stay in. I helped so much puppies and hamsters and so much other animals. Me as a humanist I made sure to make a good choice and I gave them extra care as they did not have care in the past.


A Christian Muslim and a Jew will make them good choices because as they follow a religion they will believe in making good choices because if you do not you will not have a good future.(when you die) 


A good application of humanist beliefs and well done for getting on to the challenge! Great work. LW.