John Lewis Blog

ABBIES VIEW:The phone call last Friday was a pleasant surprise! Ever since that, I was in a rush to make everything perfect! For the past few days, I’ve been working hard making treats for Christmas. John helped a lot (he even brought the Christmas tree all by himself). I’m not sure that Ellie will like this – I should of painted her bedroom walls yellow – but I’m sure we can change it! I love the glass baubles! Especially the bird one. We’ve put up a giant glowing snowman outside our house to make it more appealing .The snow completely wrecked the front of the house so we spent one day shovelling the snow, but now that everything’s done, I can relax.Keep in touch to see how Ellie settles in! I hope she likes it.

JOHNS VIEW:Okay…I’m learning how to skate. In front of the younger lads I look 60. I found this older man, Ozzy , and he kindly agreed to coach me and look at me now! I don’t know why he agreed to teach a 40 year old man. Most of my days go by with me doing faceplants. But drumroll please….I did a Kick Flip, a Ollie and a Tic Tac. Ozzy was impressed and told me to aim big and dream bigger. I’m scared. I guess I will reach my dreams one day…one day. At work, I bring my skateboard to stretch my leg muscles.I know I’m not allowed but I’m really determined and motivated to accomplish my dreams. I also improved my hand muscles by lifting the Christmas tree. After all the face plants and the falls. I’ll still keep going. Tune in tomorrow to see Ellie come home! I know…hard work.

What a wonderful blog from both points of view. I totally love it. 

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