Mog’s Christmas calamity

January 3rd, 2018

Christmas Eve, a wonderful time of the year. Everyone in the Thomas  family was having sweet dreams. The children were dreaming of Santa entering the house, Mr Thomas was dreaming of cricket  and Mr Thomas, you wouldn’t want to know! Whereas Mog, he was having a nightmare. Violently, his tail was swaying side to side. Eventually, his tail got hold of the Christmas lights.

Suddenly the scent of smoke arose and it woke up Mog…  Courageously, he opened the oven with the turkey in it and this is where the mayhem began! He turned on the stove. Like fireworks being set off, chestnuts flew in every direction smashing everything in it’s path. A few minutes before this, Mog accidentally dialled 999… The firemen were on their way!

The chestnuts made mischievous Mog leap onto the fan. Then he started spinning rapidly. Next Mog lost his grip. He fell like an astroid. He was fired up to the clock like a cannonball. The clock was falling, disaster struck! Electric from the plug hole was sent up to the Christmas tree by the clock. Every bit of fern that was on the tree fell of.

Majestically, the lights from the Christmas tree trailed behind Mog. As he skid along the  icy floor, the fire fighters came along just in time!

”Follow that cat!” They exclaimed.

As they got the turkey out of oven it was distinguished outside. Neighbours came from all around as firemen explained that Mog had saved the day.

As the Thomases entered the house, their Christmas was destroyed. At the last minute, the neighbors that heard Mog saved the day and thought that they could share their Christmas. Finally Mog got his egg!

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