Mogs Christmas calamity

On Christmas eve night the family were all sleeping and were also dreaming. Mog was not having a good night sleep. His nightmare was about him being a bird and Robin was chasing him. So he got really scared and flicked his tail around.

He woke up very scared because he thought that the dream was real. Mog wanted to run away because he thought that the robin was chasing him. So Mog went up to the oven without knowing that the oven is hot and that it could nock over. Then he decided that he wanted to go onto something up high so he went on the clock because he made a mess near the oven and everything that was in the boiler including the chestnuts. The chestnuts popped everywhere.

Mog decided to run outside and when he ran outside he met the fire fire fighters his face was looked like he was as frightened as a person standing up and performing to someone. The fire men saw all the flames and went into the house. And got the turkey and the fire extinguisher and burnt the turkey out.

The family went back into the house and they were surprised of their eyes because of how messed up it was and how dirty it was, they thought that Christmas for them is over.

But luckily the neighbours were nice enough to share their Christmas with them and Mog had a lovely egg.

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  • swillcocks

    20th December 2017

    Well done Elfrida – can you think of a more figurative way (simile/metaphor/personification) to describe how Mog was flicking his tail around?


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