Last week we went to see Boss Baby. Year 4 and year3 went together.

When we got there we got to sit on shiny, red chairs and then the movie started. Tim and his family lived very happily then a gold car came. Tim had no clue that he was getting a new baby bother and Tim was shocked . The baby was taking over the house because he always cried and screamed all the time.

One dark night the BossBaby was talking on the phone. Tim was scared because he did not know baby’s could talk. He tiptoed into the baby room, the baby pooped and he was shocked.

The Boss Baby was scared because his friends were only allowed to talk with him. Tim was almost going to tell but the Boss Baby stopped him.Tim was told of by his mum and dad he couldn’t go out  of his bedroom.Tim was feeling like he was in hell and he was going to cry.

One morning the Boss Baby came into Tim’s room then Tim said go away. I’m going to help you the Boss Baby said to Tim. It was the day of take your kid to work day. Tim and the Boss Baby went with their mum and dad to work.

My favourite part was when the Boss Baby was dressed as a dog  because it made me laugh. I rate the film as five out of five.


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