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The Five pillar of Islam are the five aims that every Muslim must satisfy in order to live a good and responsible life

The Five pillars of Islam:

Shahadah : reciting the Muslim profession of faith
Salat : performing prays five times a day
Sawm : fasting during Ramadan
Zakat : paying a alm tax to benefit the poor (giving to charity)
Hajj : pilgrimage to Mecca

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The 10 commandments appear in the old testament of the bible. These are the rules to live by in the christian faith.

  1. Love god more than you love anything else
  2. Don’t make anything in your life more important than god
  3. Always say god’s name with respect
  4. Honor god by resting on the 7th day of the week
  5. Love and respect your parents
  6. Treat other with respect
  7. Always be faithful to your husband and wife
  8. Dont steal from others
  9. Be honest
  10. Be happy with what you have


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