How to stay safe online

You can stay safe online by not sending your house number or just showing or saying where you live.

You can also stay safe online by not giving your email or account to anyone who you don’t know.

You should never say your name or surname to anyone you don’t know or you just know you should not trust.

Stay Safe Online

To be safe online: you can’t post photos that have your house number , personal information like your password,phone number and your name. If you have a website you can’t post photos that would upset other people and words that could make people feel upset. You can post photos that if people see it, they will feel exited about your website and words that would make people feel powerful. If someone that you don’t know talks to you just don’t give them any personal details about yourself!

How to be safe online

You can help to stay safe online if you tell your parents or tell your teacher that you have seen someone being rude or nasty online.

Don’t put your surname up online because you need to remember that when you post someone online, people all over the world can see it!


Staying Safe online

Top Tips!

To be safe online you can’t post photos that are not yours because then someone will see them on the website and they may not have given permission.

To be safe online you can’t send your password to a website you don’t know because then someone would copy it and get in your website.

Finally, you can’t ever get into someone’s website because you are not respecting their privacy.

If you are unsure how to deal with a problem online then tell a adult.